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There are a number of places where you can talk with other users of Crystal Space and companions, ask questions, or talk about your project.

Project Forums

The Crystal Space forums have sections for general discussion, getting help, and Google Summer of Code.

The old forums Crystal Space forums were spam infected so we're not using them anymore.

Note that registration is required (due to spam problems).

Mailing Lists

Note: To reduce spam all of the mailing lists below only allow posting by subscribed list members; posts from unsubscribed addresses are held back. Hence, please do not post to any of these lists without subscription: in the best case your mail gets delayed, in the worst case it gets accidentally discarded along with spam.

There are a number of mailing lists about Crystal Space and companions:

If you want to track the development of Crystal Space:

  • crystal-cvs (Subscribe, archive at Gmane, archive at SourceForge) receives notifications every time a commit is made to the Crystal Space source repository. Be aware that this are a lot of messages occasionally, but you can keep track of the development very closely.
  • crystal-tracker (Subscribe, archive at Gmane) receives notifications when a change is made to the Crystal Space issue tracker. This allows to keep track of new bugs and the work on existing ones.

If you are only interested in "important" announcements:

You can also find a few more (though less generally interesting) mailing lists the Crystal Space SourceForge page.

IRC Channel

If you have a quick code-related question or just want to chat about your project then you can visit the #CrystalSpace IRC channel at FreeNode.net. If you have a more art-related question then you can visit #CrystalSpace-arts on the same IRC network.

When you enter...

Some tips to avoid some common “newbie mistakes”:

  • You don't need to ask if you may ask a question. Just ask; if somebody feels inclined to answer, he/she will do so.
  • Be patient. Rarely everyone in the channel is available all the time: the computer may be logged in to IRC, but the users may be away, asleep, generally busy etc., and a number simply just lurk. So if you don't get an answer right away it doesn't mean you'll never get one; it may, however, take a while.
  • Don't paste more than 5 lines of text. Use a website such as rafb.net/paste or pastebin.ca when you need to paste more.
  • European “daytime hours” see more activity.

Direct contact

As a last resort, or if you want to discuss an issue unsuitable for the public resources (e.g. because of legal reasons) you can mail the main developers directly: Jorrit Tyberghein, Eric Sunshine, Frank Richter, Mårten Svanfeldt.

Commercial Support

If you desire commercial support for bigger problems, sponsored features, project startup and training you can visit www.crystalsquared.com for more information.

Help Promote Crystal Space!

On this page you can find an article telling you how you can help promote Crystal Space. Spread the word!


Some Crystal Space developers and users have blogs published here as well.

There is also a blog aggregator for Crystal Space related blogs and news on the planet site.


Projects using CS

Crystal Space is used as an engine by a number of other projects. You can find the list on the Projects Using CS page.

Game Programming Communities

Other languages: Portuguese

  • Gamenux, brazilian linux game programming community.
  • Unidev, brazilian game programming community.

Fun Stuff, Miscellaneous

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